Say hello to your


Hello sweet friends,

I’m Julia Lea 33 years young born and raised in the desert sun. I married my life time best friend so I guess you could say I’m a bit of a sucker for a good love story. My world revolves my two babies being a mama is my absolute favorite thing ever. As a photographer I’m all about capturing your love in a non traditional way, smiling and looking at the camera is not what you will get with me. When you come to me for a session know that I will feel like a life time friend who’s simply here to capture the raw and real moments you experience as a partner and a mama. My heart sings to a rock n roll beat and I always add a little edgy flair to my shoots. I’m your biggest hype girl as my clients like to say and if your wanting to get behind my camera know that we are going to rock out to your favorite band and make you feel like a total badass while my camera snaps away to capture your rad love.





someone told me there’s a girl 
out there with love in her eyes 
and flowers in her hair

someone told me there’s a girl 
out there with love in her eyes 
and flowers in her hair




rock n' roll
my sweet babies
album covers
music that speaks to my soul

My biggest


My sweet babies are obviously my reason for working so hard. I want them to always be proud of their mama and know that anything that sets their soul on fire they can do that. Photography is a huge passion of mine has been since before I can remember it allows me to feel creative and push myself artistically and it honestly makes me feel pure happiness. I do have a full time job so photography is a part time gig for me so I am so beyond thankful that my family gives me the freedom to still push myself to do this as my first love.